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Does your company need team-building skills? Our TEAM-BUILDER EXPERIENCE offers an amazing opportunity for your people to learn vital cooperation, trust, and communication skills, while experiencing the fun and exciting training of Hollywood Stunt Performers.

The “Team Builder Stunt Experience" has been featured on THE TODAY SHOW, Echannel’s #NOFILTER show, and many more! 

We’ve trained all levels of people, including high level NIKE Trainers,  corporate entities, and  small business groups. No experience is needed!

Come see how our program can enhance your performance, and transform your company into a motivated, energetic, and unstoppable team.

The Team-Builder Stunt Experience is a 2-Hour interactive team- building adventure, perfect for groups up to 30 people.  Team members will learn both Wire-work and movie choreography skills, and put those skills to the test against the opposing team.

BOOK your Team-Builder Experience Today!

PRICING- $75/GUEST, 30 Guests max
On-line booking and payment are not available, yet, but coming very soon!

For Team-Builder Experience info or booking, please send us a message
and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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